Wednesday, 5 August 2015

All Stuck Up - Part One

Whilst sailing this past weekend I made the unpleasant discovery that the centreboard refused to be lowered.  In the thirteen years since Bluster was launched I have never experienced this.  No amount of poking or wiggling from about could convince it to cooperate. 

Centreboard pennant should not normally be slack while hauled up

Back on the trailer I took a look and could see a couple of cm of the trailing edge of the centreboard protruding – normal it would be tucked up inside the case out of sight.

Centreboard peeking out with no visible means of holding it up.

This looks like this is a job to be tackled from below.

There is a surprising amount of information on the Internet pertaining to jammed centreboards and how to approach the problem.  When inserting the centreboard during the build I was fortunate to have at my disposal a couple of air hoists and slings which made this a pretty easy operation.  Without access to a lift I will apply some creative thinking to this.

X-Ray of the patient

Please stay tuned…

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